Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarire

  śarīre—on the body    Bg 1.29, SB 4.20.6, Adi 2.94, Adi 4.13, Madhya 2.11, Madhya 2.14, Madhya 2.22, Madhya 18.105, Antya 4.138
  śarīre—in the body.    Madhya 3.128, Madhya 6.90
  śarīre—by the body.    Bg 2.20
  śarīre—in the universal form    Bg 11.13
  śarīre—in the body of    SB 2.1.25
  śarīre—in the transcendental body    SB 3.8.11
  śarīre—in the material body    SB 3.31.14
  śarīre—body    SB-4.21.35
  śarīre—in His body    Madhya 6.16
  śarīre—within the body    Madhya 16.232
  antaḥ śarīre—within the body    SB 2.10.15
  antaḥ-hṛdaya-ākāśa-śarīre—the Supersoul within the heart, as meditated on by yogīs    SB 5.7.7
  e śarīre—by this body    Antya 4.78
  eka-i śarīre—in the same body.    Madhya 21.71
  ku-śarīre—in a low-grade body    SB 5.26.17
  nimāñi-śarīre—the body of my son Nimāi.    Madhya 3.166
  puruṣa-śarīre—within the body of the Lord.    Adi 5.69
  sa-śarīre—with their bodies    Madhya 9.313
  sa-śarīre—with the material body    Madhya 9.315
  sei śarīre—in that body of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 21.23
  vaiṣṇava-śarīre—in the bodies of Vaiṣṇavas    Madhya 22.75

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