Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarge

  sarge—in creation    Bg 7.27
  sarge—being born of    SB 1.3.9
  sarge—in the beginning of the creation    SB 2.7.39
  sarge—for creation    SB 3.9.29
  sarge—the creation    SB 3.20.47
  sarge—creation    SB 4.30.49

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sarge

  praja-sarge—for the purpose of creating living beings    SB 3.20.9
  praja-sarge—in the matter of begetting children    SB 4.24.14
  praja-sarge—at the time of creating population    SB 4.24.73
  praja-sarge—to increase the population    SB 6.5.2
  praja-sarge—in increasing progeny or population    SB 6.5.25
  praja-sarge—in the creation of progeny    SB 10.3.33
  purva-sarge—in a previous millennium    SB 10.3.32
  sarge api—even in the creation    Bg 14.2
  adi-sarge—in his previous life.    SB 3.1.28
  adi-sarge—in the beginning of creation    SB 3.4.13