Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarge

  sarge—in creation    Bg 7.27
  sarge—being born of    SB 1.3.9
  sarge—in the beginning of the creation    SB 2.7.39
  sarge—for creation    SB 3.9.29
  sarge—the creation    SB 3.20.47
  sarge—creation    SB 4.30.49
  prajā-sarge—for the purpose of creating living beings    SB 3.20.9
  prajā-sarge—in the matter of begetting children    SB 4.24.14
  prajā-sarge—at the time of creating population    SB 4.24.73
  prajā-sarge—to increase the population    SB 6.5.2
  prajā-sarge—in increasing progeny or population    SB 6.5.25
  prajā-sarge—in the creation of progeny    SB 10.3.33
  pūrva-sarge—in a previous millennium    SB 10.3.32
  sarge api—even in the creation    Bg 14.2
  ādi-sarge—in his previous life.    SB 3.1.28
  ādi-sarge—in the beginning of creation    SB 3.4.13

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