Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sargah

  sargaù—creation    SB 2.8.22, SB 3.10.14, SB 3.10.15, SB 3.10.16, SB 3.10.17, SB 3.10.19, SB 3.10.21, SB 3.11.26, SB 4.1.11, SB 4.11.16
  sargäù—creations    SB 3.10.18, SB 3.10.28-29
  sargaù—birth and death    Bg 5.19
  sargaù—the material creation    SB 2.1.31
  sargaù—statement of the creation of the universe    SB 2.10.1
  sargaù—manifestation    SB 2.10.3
  sargaù—the creation    SB 6.4.1-2
  sargaù—creation, involving the birth of many sons and grandsons from the daughters of Manu    SB 8.1.1
  sargaù—the creation of the ingredients of the universe    Adi 2.91-92
  sargäù—creation    SB 2.10.46
  sargäù—the divisions    SB 8.3.22-24

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sargah

  tri-sargaù—the material creation of three modes    Madhya 8.266, Madhya 20.359, Madhya 25.148
  bhüta-sargaù—creation of matter    SB 3.10.16
  bhüta-sargaù—material creation    SB 8.5.32
  deva-sargaù—appearance of the demigods    SB 3.10.27
  deva-sargaù—creation of the demigods    SB 3.10.28-29
  guëa-sargaù—in which there is a creation of material bodies    SB 6.1.2
  païca-sahasra-sargaù—procreation of five thousand    SB 9.6.52
  sattva-sargäù—although born in the mode of material goodness    SB 8.12.10
  tri-sargaù—three modes of creation, creative faculties    SB 1.1.1