Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarga

  sarga—creation    SB 2.5.18, SB 3.7.28, SB 3.13.17, SB 7.8.40, SB 8.5.22
  sarga—generation    SB 3.7.27, SB 4.30.50-51
  sarga—at the time of creation    SB 1.6.24
  sarga—which brings forth creation    SB 4.17.36
  sarga—of creation    SB 7.10.43-44

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sarga

  sarga-sarga-visayah—creations of the creation    SB 8.7.34, SB 8.7.34
  guna-sarga-mohitah—bewildered by the three modes of material nature    SB 5.17.24
  guna-sarga-sangrahah—combination of different material elements    SB 4.17.30
  nija-sarga—Your own creation    SB 6.14.55
  praja-sarga—the mass of citizens    SB 4.29.81
  praja-sarga-dhiyah—who were under the impression that begetting children was the most important duty    SB 6.5.29
  prajapati-sarga—of the creation of Lord Brahma    SB 5.24.17
  sarga-sthiti-apyayan—creation, maintenance and annihilation    SB 8.7.23
  sarga-adau—in creation, maintenance and destruction    SB 2.6.31
  sarga-adau—in the creation, etc.    SB 6.12.11
  sarga-adi—the creation and so on    SB 3.33.3
  sarga-adi—creation, maintenance and dissolution    SB 4.17.33
  sarga-adisu—in the matter of creation and so on    SB 3.29.44
  sarga-adisu—of the creation, maintenance and destruction    SB 5.19.12
  sarga-adyah—bringing about creation, maintenance and annihilation    Madhya 20.113