Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sapa

  sapa—by the curse of    SB 1.15.22-23
  sapa—by the curse    SB 9.9.33
  sapa—curse    Antya 12.22

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sapa

  bhavanyah sapa-nimitta-jnah—who knows the cause of the curse by Bhavani, the wife of Lord Siva    SB 5.17.15
  brahma-sapa—cursing by the brahmanas    SB 3.4.29
  brahma-sapa—cursing by a brahmana    Adi 17.64
  sapa suni—hearing this curse    Adi 17.63
  sapa dite—cursing    Madhya 15.251
  sapa-sankitah—being afraid of being cursed    SB 10.10.6
  sapa-moksaya—for being released from your curse    SB 6.17.24
  sapa-muktaye—for freedom from the curse    SB 7.1.45
  sapa-nirmuktau—freed from the curse    SB 7.1.46
  sapa-visankita—being afraid of the curse    SB 9.16.4
  sapa-varta—the incident of the curse    Adi 17.64
  dvija-sapa—cursing by the brahmana    SB 1.19.14