Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sankhyam

  sāṅkhyam—the process of gaining philosophical knowledge about the Absolute Truth    Adi 17.76, Madhya 20.137, Madhya 25.137, Antya 4.59
  saṅkhyam—number    SB 3.5.37, SB 5.1.32
  saṅkhyam—in number    SB 3.12.41
  sāṅkhyam—analytical study    Bg 5.5
  sāṅkhyam—metaphysics    SB 1.3.10
  sāṅkhyam—knowledge in Sāṅkhya philosophy    SB 3.3.19
  sāṅkhyam—Sāṅkhya philosophy    SB 3.25.31
  yathā-saṅkhyam—according to number.    SB 5.16.9
  yathā-saṅkhyam—according to numerical order    SB 5.23.6

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