Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sankhya

  sankhya—counting    Madhya 20.348
  sankhya—the measurement    SB 5.18.31
  sankhya—number    SB 5.18.33
  sankhya—the count    Madhya 21.19
  sankhya—analytical study of the material world    Bg 5.4
  sankhya—complete knowledge of matter and spirit    SB 2.1.6
  sankhya—of the Sankhya philosophy    SB 3.33.35
  sankhya—by the sankhya-yoga system (the analytical study of material conditions)    SB 5.19.10
  sankhya—the philosophical way of sankhya-yoga    SB 8.24.55
  sankhya—Sankhya philosophy    Adi 6.18
  sankhya—followers of Kapila    Madhya 9.42
  sankhya—by the philosophers who analytically study the universe (as the purusa)    Madhya 19.204
  sankhya—by the philosophers who analytically study the universe    Antya 7.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sankhya

  alpa sankhya—a reduced number of chanting    Antya 11.26
  koti-sankhya loka—an unlimited number of people    Madhya 1.164
  laksa-sankhya—numbering hundreds of thousands    Madhya 17.188
  sankhya-atitah—numbering beyond calculation    Madhya 19.140
  sankhya alpa kara—reduce your number    Antya 11.24
  sankhya lagi—for counting    Antya 9.57
  sankhya sankirtana—chanting the fixed number of rounds.    Antya 11.17
  sankhya-atita—innumerable    Adi 10.159
  sankhya-kirtana—the fixed amount of chanting    Antya 11.19
  sankhya-kirtana—fixed amount of chanting    Antya 11.23
  sankhya-nama—the number of holy names    Antya 3.114-115
  sankhya-nama—a fixed number of rounds    Antya 7.83
  sankhya-nama-sankirtana—numerical chanting of the holy name    Antya 3.240
  sankhya kahe—the atheistic Sankhya philosophers say    Madhya 25.50
  sankhya-sirase—who taught the Sankhya philosophy or who actually gives knowledge of Sankhya to the people of the world    SB 5.14.45
  sankhya-mayi—having the form of the philosophy analyzing the material world (Sankhya philosophy)    SB 9.8.13
  sankhya-nidarsanaya—who is the revealer of this numerical knowledge    SB 5.18.33
  sankhya-yoga-isvaraya—the master of the principles of sankhya-yoga    SB 4.24.42
  sankhya-yogaih—by reading the literature of sankhya-yoga    SB 10.8.45
  sankhya-acaryaih—by acaryas expert in Sankhya philosophy    SB 3.24.19
  sankhya-atmanah—the origin of all Vedic literatures    SB 8.7.30