Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sankha

  śaṅkha—conch    SB 3.21.10, SB 3.28.13, Madhya 20.225, Madhya 20.227, Madhya 20.228, Madhya 20.229, Madhya 20.230, Madhya 20.231, Madhya 20.232, Madhya 20.233 (and more...)
  śaṅkha—conchshell    SB 1.10.15, SB 1.11.18, SB 2.2.8, SB 4.4.5, SB 4.7.20, SB 4.8.47, SB 4.21.5, SB 4.24.47-48, SB 6.1.34-36, SB 6.4.35-39 (and more...)
  śaṅkha—of conchshells    SB 4.9.39-40, SB 8.10.7
  śaṅkha—conches    SB 4.15.8
  śaṅkha—Śaṅkha    SB 5.24.31
  śaṅkha—of vibrating conchshells    SB 8.21.6-7
  śaṅkha—one trillion    Madhya 21.20
  śaṅkha—a conchshell    Madhya 24.156
  śaṅkha—of a conchshell    Madhya 24.337
  śaṅkha-cakra—conchshell and disc    Adi 5.27-28, Adi 17.14
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-dharaḥ—bearing the transcendental weapons: the conchshell, disc and club.    SB 6.9.28
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-dharaḥ—bearing the conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower.    SB 8.17.4
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-dharā—and holding the weapons of Viṣṇu (conchshell, disc and club)    SB 10.4.10-11
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-padma—of the conchshell, disc, club and lotus    SB 10.3.30
  śaṅkha-cakra-gadā-rājīva-pāṇa-yaḥ—holding conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower in Their hands    SB 10.13.47-48
  śaṅkha-cūḍa—Śaṅkhacūḍa    SB 5.24.31
  śaṅkha-gadā-abja-cakraḥ—decorated with conchshell, club, lotus and disc    SB 8.18.1
  śaṅkha-gadā-ādi—bearing a conchshell, club, disc and lotus (in those four hands)    SB 10.3.9-10
  śaṅkha-gandha-udake—in water scented with flowers and sandalwood pulp and kept within a conchshell    Madhya 4.62
  śaṅkha-kuṇḍala—an earring of conchshell    Antya 14.44
  śaṅkha-prāya—like a conchshell    Antya 14.95
  kusumbha-vaikaṅka-trikūṭa-śiśira-pataṅga-rucaka-niṣadha-śinīvāsa—the names of mountains    SB 5.16.26
  mahā-śaṅkha—Mahāśaṅkha    SB 5.24.31
  pāṇi-śaṅkha—a conchshell that can be held in the hand    Antya 14.79
  ānaka-śaṅkha-saṁstavaiḥ—by celestial kettledrums and conchshells, accompanied with prayers    SB 10.11.52

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