Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sankara

  śaṅkara—Śaṅkara    Madhya 10.127, Madhya 11.148, Madhya 12.157, Antya 2.153-154, Antya 4.108-110, Antya 7.50-52, Antya 7.68, Antya 10.154-155, Antya 11.84, Antya 19.68 (and more...)
  śaṅkara—of the name Śaṅkara    Adi 10.80, Adi 10.124-126, Adi 11.52, Madhya 1.252
  paṇḍita-śaṅkara—Śaṅkara Paṇḍita.    Madhya 11.85, Madhya 25.229, Antya 14.89
  śaṅkara nārāyaṇa—the temple of Śaṅkara-nārāyaṇa.    Madhya 9.243
  śaṅkara-paṇḍita—of the name Śaṅkara Paṇḍita    Adi 10.33
  śaṅkara-paṇḍite—Śaṅkara Paṇḍita    Antya 19.67
  śaṅkara-upare—upon Śaṅkara    Madhya 11.147
  śaṅkara-ādibhiḥ—by Lord Śiva and others    SB 2.4.19
  gopīnātha, vāṇīnātha, śaṅkara—Gopīnātha, Vāṇīnātha and Śaṅkara    Madhya 12.163-164
  saṅkara-jātīnām—of the mixed classes of men (those other than the four divisions)    SB 7.11.30
  varṇa-saṅkara—unwanted children    Bg 1.42

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