Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sankalpa

  sankalpa—determination    Bg 4.19, SB 2.9.28
  sankalpa—material desires    Bg 6.24
  sankalpa—thoughts    SB 3.26.27
  sankalpa—of his determination    SB 4.9.27
  sankalpa—by determination    SB 5.14.2
  sankalpa—lusty desires    SB 8.12.16
  sankalpa—desires    Madhya 24.160
  sankalpa—he decided    Antya 2.164
  sankalpa—Sankalpa    SB 6.6.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sankalpa

  nana-sankalpa-siddhisu—where one becomes perfect in all kinds of mystic power    SB 6.17.2-3
  sankalpa karila—decided definitely    Antya 2.147
  sankalpa-jam—the desired result    SB 4.9.27
  sankalpa-jah—the son of Sankalpa    SB 6.6.10-11
  sankalpa-vaisamyam—discrepancy in the matter of determination    SB 9.1.18
  sankalpa-vaisamyam—discrepancy in the objective    SB 9.1.20
  sarva-sankalpa—all material desires    Bg 6.4
  sarva-sankalpa-vit—the knower of all desires    SB 3.23.47
  vihata-sankalpa—being disappointed in her determination    SB 4.27.23
  yaiche sankalpa—how he was determined    Antya 2.161