Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sanghah

  saìghäù—assemblies    Bg 11.22
  saìghäù—all of them    SB 1.19.18
  saìghäù—stack.    SB 2.1.32
  saìghäù—combination    SB 8.7.28

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sanghah

  bhüta-saìghäù—other material elements.    SB 4.11.20
  sa-maharñi-saìghäù—with the assembly of saintly persons    SB 6.12.34
  siddha-saìghäù—perfect sages    Bg 11.21
  siddha-saìghäù—the perfect human beings.    Bg 11.36
  siddha-saìghäù—and the society of Siddhas    SB 6.12.5
  sura-saìghäù—groups of demigods    Bg 11.21
  vinimagna-saìghaù—all merged into the water.    SB 1.15.11