Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sangena

  saṅgena—association    Bg 14.6
  saṅgena—by association    SB 3.30.28
  saṅgena—in the association    SB 5.24.29
  saṅgena—by the association    SB 7.7.30-31
  saṅgena—by contacting the water of the Ganges    SB 9.9.13
  karma-saṅgena—association with fruitive activity    Bg 14.7
  kṣaṇa-saṅgena—by a moment’s association    SB 6.2.39
  krīḍā-saṅgena—because of so much attachment to playing with other boys    SB 10.11.13
  prakṛti-saṅgena—because of association with the material nature    SB 6.1.55
  ārya-saṅgena—with association of saintly persons    SB 3.29.18

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