Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sangat

  sangat—by association    SB 4.28.59, SB 5.1.15
  sangat—attachment    Bg 2.62
  sangat—from association    SB 5.8.31
  sangat—because of the association    SB 8.22.36
  sangat—from bad association    SB 9.8.15-16
  sangat—by the association    Madhya 22.88-90

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sangat

  sat-sangat—by the association of pure devotees    SB 1.10.11-12, Madhya 24.98
  anga-sangat—by embracing    SB 4.9.48
  anga-sangat—by bathing in the Ganges water    SB 9.9.6
  isa-sangat—from the association of the Supreme Lord    SB 6.1.55
  jana-sangat—from the association of ordinary men    SB 5.12.15
  mat-deva-sangat—by association with My devotees    SB 5.5.10-13
  matsya-sangat—by associating with the fish    SB 9.6.52
  mrga-sangat—because of my intimate association with a deer    SB 5.12.14
  sat-sangat—from such good association    SB 7.14.3-4
  sva-jana-sangat—from association with relatives and friends    SB 5.9.3
  yat-sangat—from association with whom    SB 3.31.33
  yosit-sangat—from attachment to women    SB 3.31.35
  yosit-sangat—by association with women    Madhya 22.88-90