Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sangasya

  sangasya—of the association    SB 1.2.20, SB 1.18.13
  sangasya—from attachment    SB 3.22.12
  sangasya—one who takes advantage of associating    SB 4.24.57
  sangasya—of association    SB 4.30.34

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sangasya

  bhagavat-sangi-sangasya—of the association of devotees who are always associated with the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 22.55
  gata-sangasya—unattached to the modes of material nature    Bg 4.23
  vimukta-samasta-sangasya—although having given up the association of my real sons and home    SB 5.8.29