Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sangama

  sangama—association.    Madhya 1.197, Madhya 9.112, Madhya 9.116, Madhya 13.138
  sangama—association with Krsna.    Madhya 8.212
  sangama—direct association    Madhya 8.213

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sangama

  sangama-sukham—the happiness of meeting    Madhya 1.76, Antya 1.79, Antya 1.114
  krsnera sangama—the association of Krsna    Madhya 9.136
  sangama ha-ite—than direct embracing    Madhya 14.179
  sangama haite su-madhura—sweeter than direct union    Antya 20.60
  sangama-gita—meeting songs    Antya 19.54
  sangama-vihara—mingling and enjoying with Krsna.    Madhya 8.218
  sat-sangama-akhyena—known as association with devotees    Madhya 24.125
  sei nava sangama—We are meeting in the same new spirit as in the beginning.    Madhya 13.126
  sadhura sangama—there is association with devotees.    Madhya 24.226
  tomara sangama—union with you    Antya 3.113