Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samyoga

  saṁyoga—union    SB 1.13.43
  saṁyoga—simultaneously    SB 4.1.23
  saṁyoga—and combination    SB 7.9.17
  saṁyoga—of the accepting    SB 10.1.51
  duḥkha-saṁyoga—miseries of material contact    Bg 6.20-23
  saṁyoga-anugṛhītāḥ—supported by the combined efforts    SB 5.23.3
  viyoga-saṁyoga-ādi—symptomized by giving up one type of body (viyoga) and accepting another (saṁyoga)    SB 5.14.1
  vāyu-arka-saṁyoga-vipākena—because of a chemical reaction with the air and sunshine    SB 5.16.20-21

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