Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samudre

  samudre—in the ocean    SB 8.24.23, Madhya 12.134, Antya 14.95, Antya 20.14
  samudre—in the sea    Madhya 10.187, Antya 10.80, Antya 11.71, Antya 18.112
  samudre—o the seaside    Antya 1.102
  samudre—to the sea    Antya 6.211
  samudre—toward the sea    Antya 11.44
  samudre—to the seashore    Antya 11.62
  samudre—the ocean    Antya 14.94
  ānanda-samudre—in an ocean of transcendental bliss    Adi 4.254, Madhya 25.231
  antaḥ-samudre—within the depths of the ocean    SB 8.5.35
  antaḥ-samudre—in the depths of the ocean    SB 9.3.28
  samudre patana—the Lord's falling into the ocean    Antya 20.134
  samudre yāite—while going to the sea    Antya 14.84

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