Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samsrtih

  samsrtih—material existence    SB 4.29.35, SB 4.29.36-37, SB 4.29.73
  samsrtih—repetition of birth and death.    SB 3.29.3
  samsrtih—courses of material existence    SB 3.32.38
  samsrtih—the influence of material existence    SB 3.9.9
  samsrtih—conditioned life    SB 3.26.7
  samsrtih—the material existential condition    SB 3.27.4
  samsrtih—the material condition of life    SB 7.2.25-26
  samsrtih—the continuation of conditioned life    SB 10.4.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: samsrtih

  tat-samsrtih—the experience of fatigue and other miseries    SB 5.10.22