Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samsara

  saṁsāra—material existence    Bg 9.3, Bg 12.6-7, Adi 3.96, Adi 7.73
  saṁsāra—of material existence    SB 3.25.11, SB 4.25.6, SB 5.6.17, SB 8.12.46
  saṁsāra—material bondage    SB 8.24.46, Adi 17.97, Madhya 18.194
  saṁsāra—in the material world    Adi 3.78, Madhya 4.40
  saṁsāra—the bondage of material existence    Madhya 22.51, Antya 3.76
  saṁsāra—of repeated birth and death    SB 3.27.3
  saṁsāra—of material life    SB 5.14.23
  saṁsāra—of miserable conditions    SB 5.14.38
  saṁsāra—of this conditioned life    SB 6.9.43
  saṁsāra—for the essence of enjoyment (rāsa-līlā)    Adi 4.219
  saṁsāra—the material creation    Adi 5.85
  saṁsāra—all the world.    Adi 8.40
  saṁsāra—material life    Adi 17.270
  saṁsāra—the whole world.    Madhya 1.26
  saṁsāra—the material world    Madhya 10.159
  saṁsāra—conditioned life    Madhya 22.45
  saṁsāra—the conditioned life in material existence    Madhya 22.49
  saṁsāra—the material existence.    Antya 3.83
  saṁsāra-kūpa—the dark well of material existence    Madhya 1.81, Madhya 13.136
  saṁsāra-tāpān—miseries due to the cycle of repeated birth and death    Madhya 6.155, Madhya 20.114
  anādi-saṁsāra-anubhavasya—of the perception of the beginningless process of transmigration    SB 5.14.1
  khaṇḍāya saṁsāra—one is freed from material existence    Antya 5.152
  nitya-saṁsāra—perpetually conditioned.    Madhya 22.10
  nitya-saṁsāra—perpetually conditioned in the material world    Madhya 22.12
  pāpa-saṁsāra-nāśana—annihilation of materialistic life resulting from sins    Antya 20.13
  saṁsāra bhramite—wandering throughout the universe    Madhya 22.43
  saṁsāra ha-ite—from material bondage    Madhya 20.6
  saṁsāra nāhi jini—one cannot escape the material clutches.    Madhya 25.28
  saṁsāra-adhvani—on the path of material existence    SB 5.14.41
  saṁsāra-aṭavyām—in the forest of material life    SB 5.14.1
  saṁsāra-aṭavyām—the material world, which is like a great forest    SB 5.14.8
  saṁsāra-bījeṣu—the root cause of being present in this material world    SB 7.10.3
  saṁsāra-cakra—of the cycle of birth and death    SB 7.9.16
  saṁsāra-cakram—the wheel of repeated birth and death in different species of life    SB 7.9.21
  saṁsāra-cakre—in the cycle of birth and death    SB 6.11.27
  saṁsāra-cakre—in the wheel of material existence    SB 6.17.18
  saṁsāra-cakre asmin—in this world of birth and death    SB 10.5.24
  saṁsāra-duḥkha—miserable condition of material existence    Adi 8.43
  saṁsāra-duḥkha—miseries of material existence.    Madhya 20.117
  saṁsāra-duḥkham—miseries of material existence    SB 3.5.39
  saṁsāra-hetu—the cause of the conditioned state of existence    SB 2.2.6
  saṁsāra-kṣaya—annihilation of bondage to the material world    Antya 3.70
  saṁsāra-kūpa—blind well of material life    Madhya 13.142
  saṁsāra-kūpe—into the well of material existence    SB 7.15.46
  saṁsāra-paryāvartaḥ—repetition of birth and death within the material world.    SB 6.9.39
  saṁsāra-saraṇī—on the path of material existence    Antya 1.128
  saṁsāra-sukha—material happiness    Adi 17.63
  saṁsāra-tāpa—of the miseries of this material world    SB 5.11.16
  saṁsāra-tāraṇa—liberation from this materiai bondage.    Madhya 3.8
  saṁsāra-tāraṇa—deliverance from material existence.    Madhya 18.193
  saṁsāra-tāraṇa-hetu—for delivering the entire world    Antya 5.150
  saṁsāra-vāsanā—desirous of the essence of enjoyment (rāsa-līlā)    Madhya 8.106
  saṁsāra-vāsanām—to desire material enjoyment    Madhya 25.76
  sakala saṁsāra—all the material world.    Adi 6.13
  tāraye saṁsāra—can deliver the whole world.    Madhya 22.65
  yavanera saṁsāra—the material condition of the yavanas    Antya 3.52

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