Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sammatah

  sammatah—esteemed    SB 3.21.1, SB 4.11.12
  sammatah—approved    SB 2.1.1
  sammatah—recognized    SB 3.5.21
  sammatah—conclusive    SB 4.22.19
  sammatah—agreed upon as the best    SB 7.11.3

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sammatah

  akhila-sadhu-sammatah—as approved by all saintly persons    SB 8.23.1
  bhavadiya-sammatah—approved by the devotees of Your Lordship    SB 8.22.8
  su-sammatah—approved according to Vedic principles    SB 3.24.19
  su-sammatah—a very respectable person.    SB 7.15.69
  su-sammatah—very pleasing and suitable    SB 9.20.34
  sadhu-sammatah—who is an approved sadhu    SB 6.5.44
  vrddha-sammatah—are certainly acceptable to learned and elderly persons    SB 8.19.18
  arya-sammatah—whose activities are approved by civilized men    SB 7.13.21