Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samjnitah

  samjnitah—is called.    Bg 8.3
  samjnitah—so nominated    SB 4.24.3
  samjnitah—most celebrated    SB 9.22.12-13
  samjnitah—designated    SB 9.21.31-33
  samjnitah—known as such    SB 9.23.5
  samjnitah—are so-called because of those different persons    SB 9.23.30-31
  samjnitah—these five sons were named.    SB 9.23.34

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: samjnitah

  brahma-samjnitah—called Brahman.    SB 3.28.41
  jiva-samjnitah—who is also known as the living entity, since the living entities are expansions of His marginal energy.    SB 7.7.49