Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sambhavah

  sambhavah—appearance    SB 2.8.15, SB 2.8.22, SB 3.11.26
  sambhavah—are made possible    Bg 3.14
  sambhavah—possibility    Bg 14.3
  sambhavah—generated.    SB 2.6.35
  sambhavah—birth.    SB 3.31.44
  sambhavah—born of.    SB 4.14.10
  sambhavah—born    SB 5.17.22-23
  sambhavah—accepting birth    SB 7.2.25-26
  sambhavah—the appearance.    SB 8.1.4
  sambhavah—birth    SB 9.24.40
  sambhavah—entering would have been possible    SB 10.3.15-17
  sambhavah—produced of    Bg 14.5
  sambhavah—creation    SB 1.5.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sambhavah

  amsa-amsa-sambhavah—incarnation of the plenary portion of a plenary portion    SB 8.8.34
  abja-sambhavah—born from a lotus flower (Lord Brahma)    SB 4.6.3
  agni-sambhavah—a partial expansion of the demigod Agni.    SB 9.13.24
  ajnana-sambhavah—which is to be accepted by foolish persons ignorantly trying to become happy.    SB 10.6.39-40
  arka-sambhavah—derived from the sun-god.    SB 9.12.2
  kumbha-sambhavah—Agastya Muni, the son of Kumbha    SB 6.3.35
  kama-sambhavah—the rise of desire.    SB 3.26.27
  tat-sambhavah—who was generated from that lotus flower    SB 7.9.34
  varuna-sambhavah—born as the son of Varuna    SB 8.13.18
  yat-nabhi-pankeruha-sambhavah svayam—Lord Brahma, who personally appeared from the lotus in the navel of whom (the Personality of Godhead).    SB 8.21.2-3