Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samaya

  samaya—the time.    Adi 4.269
  samaya—at the time    Madhya 1.48
  samaya—the time    Madhya 11.128
  samaya—who is equal to everyone    SB 4.30.42

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: samaya

  ananta samaya—unlimited time.    Adi 5.25
  bhogera samaya—at the time the food was offered    Madhya 13.201
  bhogera samaya—at the time of offering bhoga    Madhya 15.74
  calana-samaya—at the time of departure    Madhya 1.221
  ratha-calana-samaya—at the time of drawing the car    Madhya 14.47
  samaya bujhiya—understanding the time.    Madhya 12.142
  samaya bujhiya—understanding the time and circumstances    Madhya 12.166
  samaya-anurupam—according to the time and circumstances    SB 4.19.37
  samaya-setu-raksayam—to protect the people strictly according to the Vedic principles of religious life    SB 5.4.5
  samaya-visesena—by the particular times    SB 5.21.7
  vicara-samaya—at the time of reviewing    Adi 16.97
  arya-samaya-parihrtah—who are rejected by authorized Vedic scriptures accepted by the Aryans    SB 5.14.29