Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samaya

  samaya—the time.    Adi 4.269
  samaya—at the time    Madhya 1.48
  samaya—the time    Madhya 11.128
  samāya—who is equal to everyone    SB 4.30.42
  ananta samaya—unlimited time.    Adi 5.25
  bhogera samaya—at the time the food was offered    Madhya 13.201
  bhogera samaya—at the time of offering bhoga    Madhya 15.74
  calana-samaya—at the time of departure    Madhya 1.221
  ratha-calana-samaya—at the time of drawing the car    Madhya 14.47
  samaya bujhiyā—understanding the time.    Madhya 12.142
  samaya bujhiyā—understanding the time and circumstances    Madhya 12.166
  samaya-anurūpam—according to the time and circumstances    SB 4.19.37
  samaya-setu-rakṣāyām—to protect the people strictly according to the Vedic principles of religious life    SB 5.4.5
  samaya-viśeṣeṇa—by the particular times    SB 5.21.7
  vicāra-samaya—at the time of reviewing    Adi 16.97
  ārya-samaya-parihṛtāḥ—who are rejected by authorized Vedic scriptures accepted by the Āryans    SB 5.14.29

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