Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samasta

  samasta—all    SB 4.11.30, SB 4.22.27, SB 4.25.28, SB 5.5.35, SB 5.6.16, SB 6.19.26-28, SB 7.5.49, SB 7.10.27, SB 8.12.46, Adi 17.70 (and more...)
  samasta—all-inclusive    SB 1.5.6
  samasta—all kinds of    SB 1.19.7
  samasta—on the whole    SB 3.33.23
  samasta—from all    SB 4.29.84
  samasta—all other    SB 6.8.34
  samasta—from whom all    SB 6.9.36

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: samasta

  samasta brahmanda-ganera—of the aggregate of the brahmandas, or universes    Madhya 20.282
  samasta divasa—all day    Antya 6.186
  samasta ratri—all night    Antya 3.125
  samasta-bandhanah—from all material obstacles on the path of devotional service    SB 7.7.36
  samasta-bhagah—all kinds of opulences    Madhya 15.180
  samasta-duhkha—all miseries    SB 3.5.13
  samasta-drk—seer or knower of everything    SB 4.6.49
  samasta-jagatam—of all the universes    SB 3.9.22
  samasta-kilbisah—having all sins    SB 6.16.31
  samasta-kuksau—everything is within the abdomen    SB 3.15.33
  samasta-kamah—all desires    SB 3.2.21
  samasta-kamah—all desirable objects    Madhya 21.33
  samasta-rephan—all sound vibrations    SB 8.20.25-29
  samasta-sangah—all contamination    SB 9.19.25
  samasta-atmani—the universal being    SB 4.4.11
  vimukta-samasta-sangasya—although having given up the association of my real sons and home    SB 5.8.29