Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samagri

  sāmagrī—ingredients    Adi 8.52, Adi 10.26
  sāmagrī—ingredients of the foods    Adi 10.28
  sāmagrī—ingredients, paraphernalia    Adi 17.37-38
  sāmagrī—paraphernalia    Madhya 7.38
  sāmagrī—materials    Madhya 16.193
  sāmagrī—articles    Antya 6.55
  sāmagrī—of ingredients    Antya 12.134
  bhoga-sāmagrī—cooking materials    Adi 10.25
  bhoga-sāmagrī—ingredients for eatables to be offered    Madhya 4.58
  bhoga-sāmagrī—ingredients for preparing food    Antya 2.74
  pāka-sāmagrī ānaha—please bring everything necessary for cooking    Antya 2.55
  pāka-sāmagrī ānaha—bring all cooking ingredients    Antya 2.58
  pākera sāmagrī—the ingredients for cooking    Madhya 9.182
  sāmagrī dekhiyā—seeing these ingredients    Antya 10.149
  sāmagrī kariyā—making all arrangements    Antya 2.46
  sāmagrī āna—bring more ingredients    Antya 2.73
  sāmagrī-milane—by mixing with other ingredients    Madhya 23.47

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