Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sakhya

  sakhya—friendship    Adi 3.11, Adi 4.42, Madhya 19.185, Madhya 22.121, Madhya 23.45, Madhya 23.53, Antya 7.25
  sakhya—fraternity    Adi 17.296, Adi 17.299
  sakhya—to think of the Lord as a friend    SB 1.16.16
  sakhya—of fraternity    Madhya 8.86
  sakhya—in friendship    Madhya 23.55
  sakhya—in the mellow of friendship    Madhya 23.56
  sakhya—by my friend    SB 1.15.20
  sakhya—by Kuvera    SB 4.6.34
  sakhya—with His friend Arjuna    Adi 6.74

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sakhya

  suddha-sakhya—pure friendship    Adi 6.76
  suddha-sakhya—pure fraternity    Madhya 2.78
  dasya-sakhya-adi—servants, friends, and others    Madhya 24.57
  sakhya-bhakta—devotees in fraternity    Madhya 19.190
  sakhya-bhava—a friendly relationship    Madhya 9.110
  sakhya-bhava—by fraternal love    Antya 2.85
  sakhya-bhave—as a friend    Madhya 19.198
  sakhya-maya—fraternal affection.    Adi 6.62
  sakhya-prema—friendship    Adi 10.116
  sakhya-prema—transcendental loving service in fraternity    Madhya 8.74
  sakhya-prema-rasi—full of fraternal love    Adi 11.16
  sakhya-priti—very intimate friendship    Madhya 16.77
  sakhya-rasera—of the platform of fraternity    Madhya 19.224
  sakhya-rasera—by the mellow of fraternity    Madhya 19.225
  sakhya-rati—attachment by friendly appreciation    Madhya 19.183-184
  sakhya-vyavahara—dealings just like those of a friend.    Antya 2.85
  visrambha-pradhana sakhya—on the platform of fraternity, in which confidence is prominent    Madhya 19.224
  vatsalya-sakhya-madhure—in fraternal love, paternity and conjugal love    Madhya 19.195