Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sakhah

  çäkhäù—branches    Bg 15.2, SB 1.3.21
  sakhaù—with his friend.    SB 4.25.47, SB 4.25.48
  sakhaù—accompanied by    SB 4.9.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sakhah

  adharma-çäkhäù—which are different branches of irreligion    SB 7.15.12
  ananta-sakhaù—in the company of Ananta (Balaräma)    SB 1.14.35-36
  bahu-çäkhäù—various branches    Bg 2.41
  bali-sakhaù—a very intimate friend of Bali Mahäräja    SB 8.11.13
  dvaipäyana-sakhaù—friend of Vyäsadeva    SB 3.25.4
  kåñëa-sakhaù—the celebrated friend of Kåñëa    SB 1.15.1
  känta-sakhäù—with their husbands and friends    SB 4.3.12
  nala-sakhaù—who was a friend of Nala    SB 9.9.16-17
  nara-sakhaù—the friend of all living entities (especially human beings)    SB 7.6.27
  satyajit-sakhaù—with His friend Satyajit.    SB 8.1.26
  veda-çäkhäù—branches of Vedic literature.    SB 5.2.9
  väta-sakhaù—the friend of the wind    SB 6.8.23