Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sadhya

  sadhya—objective    Adi 16.10, Madhya 9.272
  sadhya—by the residents of Sadhyaloka    SB 5.1.8
  sadhya—to be established    Adi 2.83
  sadhya—objective of life    Adi 16.13
  sadhya—subject matter    Adi 16.83
  sadhya—of the ultimate goal    Madhya 8.118
  sadhya—the goal    Madhya 8.204-205
  sadhya—achievement    Madhya 8.204-205
  sadhya—the goal of life    Madhya 9.271
  sadhya—the ultimate goal of life    Madhya 18.202
  sadhya—of the goal of spiritual life    Madhya 20.103
  sadhya—to be gained    Madhya 22.107
  sadhya—duty    Antya 6.234
  sadhya—Sadhya    SB 6.6.4

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sadhya

  sarva-sadhya-sara—the highest perfectional stage.    Madhya 8.74, Madhya 8.76, Madhya 8.79
  sadhya-sadhana—the aim of life and how to achieve it    Madhya 9.255, Madhya 9.255
  krti-sadhya—which is to be executed by the senses    Madhya 22.105
  sarva-sadhya-sara—the essence of all means of perfection.    Madhya 8.59
  sarva-sadhya-sara—the essence of all perfection.    Madhya 8.68
  sarva-sadhya-sara—the essence of perfection.    Madhya 8.71
  sadhya-avadhi—the highest limit of perfection    Madhya 8.96
  sadhya-bhava—by which love of Godhead is acquired    Madhya 22.105
  sadhya-siromani—the topmost perfection    Madhya 8.98
  sadhya-srestha haya—is the highest achievement of the goal of life    Madhya 9.257
  sadhya-sadhana—objective and means    Adi 16.11
  sadhya-sadhana—the objective and the process    Adi 16.15
  sadhya-sadhana—objectives and transcendental practices    Madhya 6.197
  sadhya-sadhane—the ultimate object of life and the process to achieve it    Madhya 18.204
  sadhya-sara—the essence of all perfection.    Madhya 8.61
  sadhya-sara—is the essence of perfection.    Madhya 8.64
  sadhya-sara—the essence of the perfection of life.    Madhya 8.66
  sadhya-vastu—the goal of life    Madhya 8.197
  sadhya-vastura—of the object of life    Madhya 8.196