Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sadhunam

  sadhunam—of the devotees    Bg 4.8, SB 9.5.15, Adi 3.23
  sadhunam—of the saints    SB 3.3.16, Adi 1.62
  sadhunam—of the saintly persons    SB 4.22.18, SB 7.4.24
  sadhunam—of devotees    SB 4.22.19, SB 10.10.41
  sadhunam—for saintly persons    SB 10.1.58, SB 10.10.18
  sadhunam—of the honest    SB 1.17.13
  sadhunam—of the honest persons    SB 1.17.14
  sadhunam—of the gentle    SB 4.2.9
  sadhunam—of honest persons    SB 4.11.10
  sadhunam—of the society of devotees and great sages    SB 6.5.36
  sadhunam—who are honest (because we honestly seek elevated social standards and bodily comfort)    SB 6.5.42
  sadhunam—and of the devotees    SB 8.24.5
  sadhunam—of the pure devotees also    SB 9.4.68
  sadhunam—of the brahmanas, who were all Vaisnava devotees    SB 10.3.1-5

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