Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sadhu

  sadhu—very good    SB 2.3.25, SB 4.29.4, SB 8.19.31, Antya 4.43
  sadhu—good    SB 3.2.4, SB 4.25.12, SB 7.5.3, SB 7.5.36
  sadhu—properly    SB 4.2.7, SB 4.24.62, SB 5.10.4
  sadhu—honest    SB 4.8.37, Madhya 17.15
  sadhu—this is relevant    SB 1.2.5
  sadhu—well and good    SB 1.19.4
  sadhu—quite all right    SB 1.19.19
  sadhu—your goodness    SB 2.7.19
  sadhu—well behaved    SB 3.1.30
  sadhu—all good    SB 3.5.18
  sadhu—as good as it should be    SB 3.7.16
  sadhu—devotee    SB 3.14.5
  sadhu—proper    SB 4.3.22
  sadhu—saintly    SB 4.22.18
  sadhu—saintly, beautifully    SB 4.26.12
  sadhu—befitting    SB 5.5.4
  sadhu—of the exalted devotees    SB 6.7.36
  sadhu—pious activities    SB 6.18.20
  sadhu—excellent    SB 7.1.4-5
  sadhu—the best    SB 7.5.4
  sadhu—very good, or the best part of life    SB 7.5.5
  sadhu—really good    SB 7.5.53
  sadhu—what is auspicious    SB 9.4.39-40
  sadhu—duly    SB 9.22.40
  sadhu—beautiful    SB 10.12.7-11
  sadhu—very much purified    Madhya 3.7
  sadhu—of saintly persons    Madhya 20.120
  sadhu—a devotee    Madhya 22.14-15
  sadhu—of devotees    Madhya 24.161
  sadhu—of the devotees    Antya 1.101
  sadhu—saint    Antya 13.58

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sadhu

  sadhu-sange—by the association of devotees    Madhya 22.49, Madhya 24.165, Madhya 24.188, Madhya 24.216
  sadhu-sanga—association with devotees    Madhya 22.128, Madhya 23.9, Madhya 24.339
  sva-sadhu-krtyam—proper compensation    Adi 4.180, Antya 7.44
  sadhu sadhu—well done, well done    SB 4.7.6, SB 4.7.6
  sadhu sadhu—very nice, very nice    SB 10.11.30, SB 10.11.30
  sadhu sadhu—all glories unto you    Madhya 15.153, Madhya 15.153
  sadhu sadhu iti—exclaiming, “Very good, very good”    SB 10.11.44, SB 10.11.44
  sadhu-sanga sadhu-sanga—association with pure devotees    Madhya 22.54, Madhya 22.54
  sadhu-sange—by association with devotees    Madhya 22.45, Madhya 22.54
  akhila-sadhu-sammatah—as approved by all saintly persons    SB 8.23.1
  bata sadhu—auspiciously glorified    SB 1.10.30
  sva-sadhu-krtyam—your own honest activities    Madhya 8.93
  sadhu anugrhnata—showing mercy in goodness    SB 3.5.18
  sadhu asadhu va—whether honest or dishonest    SB 8.9.12
  sadhu atikramata—please walk evenly so that there will not be bouncing    SB 5.10.2
  sadhu mahanta-megha-gana—pure devotees and saintly persons, who are compared to clouds    Madhya 25.276
  sadhu manayet—one should highly esteem.    SB 7.7.32
  sadhu prstam—I have been very much honored by your inquiry    SB 10.13.1
  sadhu sabha-sabhajitam—which is discussed in assemblies of great devotees like Lord Brahma and Lord Siva    SB 7.11.1
  sadhu varta—actual conversation.    SB 10.13.2
  sadhu-abhimanyuna—by the hero Abhimanyu    SB 3.3.17
  sadhu-alankrtah—highly decorated with ornaments    SB 4.15.13
  sadhu-bhaktanam—of devotees and saintly persons    SB 7.7.30-31
  sadhu-bhusanah—adorned with sublime characteristics.    SB 3.25.21
  sadhu-bhusanah—who are decorated with good character.    Madhya 22.81
  sadhu-bhave—in the sense of the nature of devotion    Bg 17.26-27
  sadhu-socyanam—who are to be pitied by the saintly persons    SB 8.11.9
  sadhu-guru-prasade—by the mercy of saintly persons and devotees in the transcendental position    Madhya 25.277
  sadhu-gatha-sadasi—in an assembly where saintly persons gather or exalted characteristics are discussed    SB 7.4.35
  sadhu-hrt-sayah—stake in the hearts of all honest persons    SB 7.8.51
  sadhu-krpa—the mercy of the devotee    Antya 3.266
  sadhu-krpaya—by the mercy of a devotee    Madhya 24.175
  sadhu-krta—having performed everything worthy of a saint    SB 1.15.46
  sadhu-laksana—the symptoms of a devotee    Madhya 24.339
  sadhu-laksanam—the symptom of a devotee.    SB 6.17.37
  sadhu-lingena—wearing the dress of a saintly person    SB 6.5.36
  sadhu-lokasya—of the saintly persons    SB 10.4.44
  sadhu-marga—the path of transcendental devotional service    Madhya 22.115
  sadhu-sanga—association with advanced devotees    Madhya 22.83
  sadhu-sanga—the association of devotees    Madhya 24.104
  sadhu-sanga—of the association of devotees    Madhya 24.282
  sadhu-sanga haite—from association with devotees    Madhya 23.10
  sadhu-sanga paya—one obtains the association of devotees    Madhya 24.310
  sadhu-sanga-krpa—by the mercy of association with devotees    Madhya 24.97
  sadhu-sangah—association with pure devotees    Madhya 23.14-15
  sadhu-sange—the contact of real devotees    Madhya 24.124
  sadhu-sange—by the association of a saintly person    Madhya 24.227
  sadhu-sama-asrayah—the shelter of the good and virtuous    Madhya 23.75
  sadhu-sammatah—who is an approved sadhu    SB 6.5.44
  sadhu-sevana—offering service to devotees    Madhya 24.339
  sadhu-svabhava—the characteristic of saintly persons    Antya 3.237
  sadhu-ucchistam—remnants of the foodstuffs of saintly persons    SB 4.22.43
  sadhu-varjitah—being away from saintly persons    SB 5.14.38
  sadhu-varya—O great one amongst the saints    SB 3.5.4
  sadhu-varya—thus one becomes the best of honest gentlemen.    Madhya 24.272
  sadhu-viprebhyah—unto the brahmanas and saintly persons    SB 9.4.33-35
  sadhu-vada—things approved by saints and sages    SB 3.1.4
  sadhu-vada-nikasanaya—to the Lord, who is like a stone for examining all the good qualities of a sadhu    SB 5.19.3
  sadhu-vadam—pious questions    SB 10.1.14
  sadhu-vadah—joyful exclamation    SB 4.5.25
  sadhu-vadah—appropriate for a saintly person    SB 6.5.44
  sadhu-vadah—the opinion of learned persons    SB 9.8.12
  sadhu-vadena—by glorification    SB 1.12.18
  sadhu-vadena—by expressing congratulations    SB 4.21.45
  aviskrta-sadhu-vadah—famous, being celebrated everywhere as a devotee    SB 8.22.8