Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sadhavah

  sadhavah—saintly persons    SB 3.14.46, SB 4.6.48, SB 4.22.10, SB 4.29.39-40, SB 5.8.10, SB 6.1.17, SB 8.7.44, SB 9.9.6, SB 10.10.17
  sadhavah—devotees    SB 3.25.24, SB 5.19.24, SB 6.3.27, SB 8.7.39
  sadhavah—the pure devotees    SB 9.4.66, SB 9.4.68
  sadhavah—the purified men who are honest.    SB 1.5.11
  sadhavah—honest    SB 1.9.45
  sadhavah—saints    SB 1.18.50
  sadhavah—abiding by scriptures    SB 3.25.21
  sadhavah—sadhus    SB 4.4.12
  sadhavah—who are inclined to perform welfare activities    SB 4.20.3
  sadhavah—all saintly persons    SB 4.20.29
  sadhavah—all great souls    SB 4.21.21
  sadhavah—all the saintly persons present.    SB 4.21.45
  sadhavah—all pious    SB 4.24.19
  sadhavah—qualified devotees, without abominable behavior    SB 5.5.2
  sadhavah—endowed with all good qualities    SB 6.2.3
  sadhavah—the devotees    SB 6.9.39
  sadhavah—persons who are very well behaved (perfect in all respects)    SB 7.9.54
  sadhavah—decorated with all good qualities    SB 7.10.19
  sadhavah—whose behavior is very exalted    SB 7.11.4
  sadhavah—the saintly persons    SB 8.20.7
  sadhavah—both of you are great saintly persons    SB 10.4.23
  sadhavah—those who were honest    SB 10.8.17
  sadhavah—the saints    Adi 1.62
  sadhavah—following the injunctions of the sastra    Madhya 22.81
  sadhavah—who are endowed with all good qualities, or who do not look for faults in others    Madhya 22.82

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sadhavah

  su-sadhavah—those who are highly elevated in spiritual consciousness    SB 8.3.7