Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sadasi

  sadasi—in that assembly    SB 6.7.10, SB 6.17.9, SB 7.2.3, SB 8.1.33, SB 8.23.13, SB 9.1.6
  sadasi—in his assembly    SB 5.2.3, SB 6.7.11
  sadasi—in the assembly of    SB 2.3.14
  sadasi—in the midst of the assembly    SB 4.5.19
  sadasi—in an assembly of great saintly persons    SB 6.17.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: sadasi

  antah-sadasi—conference    SB 1.9.41
  sadhu-gatha-sadasi—in an assembly where saintly persons gather or exalted characteristics are discussed    SB 7.4.35
  yajna-sadasi—in the assembly of the sacrifice    SB 4.4.9