Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rupena

  rupena—in the form of    SB 1.3.16, SB 1.17.7
  rupena—with form    Bg 11.46
  rupena—by His eternal form    SB 2.6.32
  rupena—by the form    SB 3.9.44
  rupena—in the form    SB 5.16.20-21
  rupena—in the form of Paramatma    SB 7.14.37
  rupena—in such a form    SB 8.7.11

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rupena

  kala-rupena—in the form of time    SB 3.26.18, SB 8.12.40, SB 8.14.9
  purusa-rupena—in the form of Lord Visnu    Madhya 20.318, Madhya 21.37
  ananta-avyakta-rupena—by the unlimited, unmanifested form    SB 7.3.34
  artha-rupena—in the form of various objects    SB 3.32.28
  atithi-rupena—in the manner of a guest    SB 1.19.32
  cesta-rupena—by His representation of attempt, Kali    SB 3.6.3
  drsya-rupena—by His visible forms    SB 7.6.20-23
  iccha-rupena—according to the desire of the devotee.    SB 5.7.9
  kurma-rupena—in the form of a tortoise    SB 8.5.10
  kama-rupena—in the form of lust    Bg 3.39
  linga-rupena—by subtle form    SB 4.29.35
  matsya-rupena—by Him in the form of a fish    SB 8.24.4
  matsya-rupena—in the form of a fish    SB 8.24.25
  nara-hari-rupena—His form of Nrsimhadeva    SB 5.18.7
  niryasa-rupena—by the liquid oozing from the trees    SB 6.9.8
  pradhana-rupena—by Your form as the external ingredients    SB 6.9.42
  praja-isa-rupena—in the form of the Prajapati Marici and others    SB 8.14.9
  praja-rupena—in the form of his son Asvatthama    SB 1.7.45
  purusa-rupena—in the form of Supersoul    SB 3.26.18
  purusa-rupena—by His personal form    SB 5.7.7
  rajah-rupena—in the form of the menstrual period    SB 6.9.9
  siddha-rupena—with a body suitable for eternal, self-realized service    Madhya 22.158
  sva-rupena—in constitutional form    SB 2.10.6
  sva-rupena—in the self-realized position    SB 3.28.44
  sva-rupena—by Your forms    SB 6.9.42
  sadhaka-rupena—with the external body as a devotee practicing regulative devotional service    Madhya 22.158
  vainya-rupena—in the form of the son of King Vena    SB 4.17.6-7
  vamana-rupena—in the form of a dwarf    SB 5.24.18
  yosit-rupena—by assuming the form of a woman    SB 8.12.1-2
  atma-samadhi-rupena—by meditating upon Him in trance    SB 5.17.16