Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rudra

  rudra—Lord Çiva    SB 4.7.27, SB 8.8.27, Adi 6.79, Madhya 18.116, Madhya 25.80
  rudra—O Rudra    SB 3.12.13, SB 4.5.4, SB 4.6.53
  rudra—manifestations of Lord Çiva    Bg 11.22
  rudra—O Lord Çiva    SB 4.6.53
  rudra—of the name Rudra    Adi 10.106
  rudra—the form of Rudra    Madhya 20.308

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rudra

  brahma-rudra-puraù saräù—represented by Lord Brahmä and Lord Çiva    SB 7.9.1
  brahma-rudra-sama—equal to personalities like Lord Brahmä and Lord Çiva    Madhya 25.79
  rudra-abhimarçitam—devastated by Vérabhadra    SB 4.7.48
  rudra-abhivékñitaù—having been seen by Rudra (Lord Çiva)    SB 4.7.9
  rudra-anékaiù—by the soldiers of Lord Çiva    SB 4.6.1-2
  rudra-anucara—by followers of Rudra, Lord Çiva    SB 4.10.5
  rudra-anucaraiù—by the followers of Lord Çiva    SB 4.5.13
  rudra-bhaya—being afraid of Rudra    SB 4.24.68
  rudra-bhayät—by fear of Çiva    SB 1.7.18
  rudra-çareëa—by the arrow of Lord Çiva    SB 10.7.29
  rudra-gaëa—the Çivas    Madhya 21.68
  rudra-gaëa—and Lord Çivas    Madhya 21.58
  rudra-gaëäù—the expansions of Lord Çiva    SB 6.3.14-15
  rudra-gétam—the song sung by Lord Çiva    SB 4.25.2
  rudra-gétena—by the song sung by Lord Çiva    SB 4.30.10
  rudra-gétena—by the song composed by Lord Çiva    SB 4.30.1
  rudra-purogäù—having Lord Çiva as the chief    SB 4.7.43
  rudra-pärñadaiù—by the soldiers of Lord Çiva    SB 4.5.6
  rudra-pärñadäm—associates of Rudra    SB 3.6.29
  rudra-rodanam—a block of silver or gold becomes purified    SB 8.24.48
  rudra-rüpa—the form of Lord Çiva    Adi 5.105
  rudra-rüpa—the form of Rudra    Madhya 20.307
  rudra-rüpa dhari—accepting the form of Lord Çiva    Madhya 20.290
  rudra-såñöänäm—who were generated by Rudra    SB 3.12.16
  rudra-sävarëiù—Rudra-sävarëi    SB 8.13.27
  rudra-sävarëye—in the Rudra-sävarëya-manvantara    Madhya 20.327
  rudra-ädi—the Lord Çivas and others    Madhya 21.73
  rudra-ätmä—in the form of Rudra    SB 2.10.43