Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rsibhih

  ṛṣibhiḥ—by the sages    SB 1.3.14, SB 3.18.20, SB 3.20.7, SB 4.14.35, SB 7.1.4-5
  ṛṣibhiḥ—the sages    SB 3.24.9, SB 3.32.12-15
  ṛṣibhiḥ—by the wise sages    Bg 13.5
  ṛṣibhiḥ—by the authorities    SB 2.10.22
  ṛṣibhiḥ—with the sages    SB 4.11.35
  ṛṣibhiḥ—by great saintly persons    SB 7.10.70
  ṛṣibhiḥ—with all the saintly persons    SB 8.24.37
  ṛṣibhiḥ—the great saintly persons    SB 8.24.56
  ṛṣibhiḥ—by the great saintly persons    SB 9.4.7
  ṛṣibhiḥ—by great sages or saintly persons    SB 9.10.3
  mahā-ṛṣibhiḥ—by great sages    SB 4.3.10, SB 6.2.16
  mahā-ṛṣibhiḥ—along with the great sages    SB 4.6.41
  parama-ṛṣibhiḥ—by great sages.    SB 1.3.42
  parama-ṛṣibhiḥ—by the great sages    SB 1.16.8
  parama-ṛṣibhiḥ—by the great ṛṣis    SB 5.3.20
  saha ṛṣibhiḥ—with all the great sages, headed by Bhṛgu    SB 4.7.7
  saha ṛṣibhiḥ—with the great sages    SB 6.13.4
  saha-ṛṣibhiḥ—with great sages.    SB 4.11.6
  sapta-ṛṣibhiḥ—by the seven ṛṣis    SB 8.24.34-35
  vipra-ṛṣibhiḥ—the best brāhmaṇas    SB 8.23.18

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