Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rseh

  rseh—of the saintly person    SB 8.1.21
  rseh—from the great saint    SB 8.11.19
  rseh—of the great sage    SB 9.5.24
  rseh—of the great sage Jamadagni    SB 9.15.26
  rseh—of the great sage Narada    SB 10.1.65-66
  rseh—of the great sage and saintly person Narada    SB 10.10.24
  rseh—of the great saint Narada    SB 10.10.37

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rseh

  raja-rseh—of the saintly King    SB 4.14.42, SB 4.20.34, SB 4.20.37
  raja-rseh—of the great saintly King    SB 5.8.26, SB 5.14.42, SB 5.14.46
  bhargava-rseh—by the semen of Jamadagni    SB 9.15.12-13
  brahma-rseh—of the brahmana sage    SB 1.18.30
  brahma-rseh—of the great brahmana-sage    SB 3.14.30
  deva-rseh—of the saint Narada Muni    SB 7.7.11
  deva-rseh—Devarsi Narada    SB 7.7.13
  raja-rseh—of King Nabhi    SB 5.3.10
  raja-rseh—of the pious King    SB 5.4.6
  raja-rseh—of the pious King Citraketu    SB 6.14.36
  raja-rseh—the great king and saint    SB 8.24.55
  raja-rseh—of the great king    SB 8.24.59
  vipra-rseh—from the great brahmana-rsi    SB 1.3.44