Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: roma

  roma—hairs on the body    SB 2.10.23, SB 4.24.22, SB 7.12.21
  roma—hairs    SB 3.13.34
  roma—hair    SB 3.26.56
  roma—of hair on the body    Adi 5.72
  roma—body hair    Antya 18.50
  roma—hairs on the body    SB 3.4.14

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: roma

  hrsta-roma—with his bodily hairs standing on end due to his great ecstasy    Bg 11.14
  prahrsta-roma—his hairs standing on end due to jubilation    SB 6.16.31
  prahrsta-roma—hairs standing in ecstasy    SB 3.13.5
  prahrsta-roma—whose hairs on the body were standing    Antya 19.70
  prati roma-kupe—in every hole of the hair    Antya 10.73
  prati-roma-kupe—in every hair hole    Antya 14.92
  roma-harsanah—hair standing on the body.    SB 8.10.5
  roma-harsah—standing of hair on end    Bg 1.29
  roma-kupe—the pores of the body    Madhya 2.6
  roma-pulaka-kulakah—whose symptoms of ecstasy on the body    SB 5.17.2
  roma-udgama—standing of the hair    Antya 14.92
  roma-utsavah—hair standing on end out of pleasure    SB 1.16.35
  roma-vrnda—the hairs of the body    Madhya 13.102
  udbhidyamana-roma-pulaka-kulakah—standing of the hair on end    SB 5.7.12
  urdhva-roma—Urdhvaroma    SB 5.20.15