Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rocisa

  rocisa—effulgence    SB 3.12.32
  rocisa—by the glaring effulgence    SB 4.1.25
  rocisa—with luster    SB 4.2.5
  rocisa—very pleasing    SB 4.24.52

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rocisa

  sva-rocisa—by His own effulgence    SB 2.5.11, SB 3.8.14, SB 8.18.3
  kara-pallava-rocisa—with her lustrous fingers    SB 3.28.23
  sva-saspa-rocisa—by the effulgence of the young sprouting grass    SB 5.20.13
  sva-rocisa—by the effulgence of their hoods    SB 5.24.31
  sva-rocisa—by his bodily rays    SB 7.3.26-27
  sva-rocisa—by Your own effulgence.    SB 9.11.6
  sva-rocisa—by the brilliance of His personal beauty    SB 10.3.12