Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rksa

  ṛkṣa—heavenly bodies    SB 1.19.30
  ṛkṣa—the firmament    SB 2.5.11
  ṛkṣa—the influential stars    SB 2.6.13-16
  ṛkṣa—luminaries like Aśvinī    SB 3.11.13
  ṛkṣa—constellations    SB 4.9.20-21
  ṛkṣa—bears    SB 8.2.22
  ṛkṣa—Ṛkṣa    SB 9.10.19
  śānta-ṛkṣa—none of the constellations were fierce (all of them were peaceful)    SB 10.3.1-5
  graha-ṛkṣa—the stars and planets    SB 5.18.32
  graha-ṛkṣa-tārā-mayam—consisting of all the planets and stars    SB 5.23.9
  janma-ṛkṣa—of one’s own janma-nakṣatra, or birth star    SB 7.14.20-23
  janma-ṛkṣa-yoge—at that time, there was also a conjunction of the moon with the auspicious constellation Rohiṇī    SB 10.7.4
  sapāda-ṛkṣa-dvayam—by stellar calculations, two and a quarter constellations    SB 5.22.5
  ṛkṣa-śalyakaiḥ—with ṛkṣas and śalyakas    SB 4.6.19-20
  ṛkṣa-giriḥ—Ṛkṣagiri    SB 5.19.16
  ṛkṣa-mālām—the clusters of stars.    SB 8.20.24
  ṛkṣa-rūpī—in the form of a stag    SB 3.31.36
  ṛkṣa-rājaḥ tu—the king in the form of a bear also    SB 8.21.8
  ṛkṣa-rāṭ—the King of the Ṛkṣas, Jāmbavān    SB 9.10.42-43
  ṛkṣa-tārāḥ—stars    SB 4.12.25

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