Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: retasah

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: retasah

  amogha-retasaù—of that person whose discharge of semen never goes in vain    SB 8.12.32
  hiraëya-retasaù—to the original fire.    SB 6.9.42
  ürdhva-retasaù—those whose semen flows upwards.    SB 3.12.4
  ürdhva-retasaù—unadulterated celibates.    SB 4.8.1
  ürdhva-retasaù—infallible celibates    SB 4.9.30
  ürdhva-retasaù—those who do not discharge semen at any time.    SB 4.11.5
  ürdhva-retasaù—completely celibate    SB 5.1.26