Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rddhi

  ṛddhi—supernatural power    SB 3.20.53
  ṛddhi—of wealth    SB 3.23.13
  ṛddhi—opulence    SB 7.10.65-66
  akhila-ṛddhi-mat—possessing the opulence of the entire universe.    SB 7.4.8
  aṣṭa-ṛddhi-yuktām—composed of the eight kinds of mystic perfection    SB 9.21.12
  ṛddhi-mat—still more beautified on account of this.    SB 4.24.47-48
  ṛddhi-mat—extremely opulent in all respects    SB 9.6.43

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