Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ratna

  ratna—jewels    SB 3.8.23, SB 3.8.24, Madhya 2.38
  ratna—made of jewels    SB 4.9.62, SB 7.2.29-31
  ratna—other jewels    SB 2.2.10
  ratna—with jewelry    SB 3.33.17
  ratna—gems    SB 5.26.19
  ratna—with jewels    SB 8.2.2-3
  ratna—in jewels    SB 9.4.27
  ratna—bedecked with jewels    Adi 8.50
  ratna—the jewel    Madhya 8.176
  ratna—jewel    Madhya 10.52
  ratna—of gems    Madhya 15.140
  ratna—gem    Antya 14.42
  mahā-ratna—valuable jewels    SB 2.2.9, SB 2.2.9, SB 4.6.27
  ratna-āgāra—in a temple of jewels    Adi 1.16, Madhya 1.4, Antya 1.6
  śrīvatsa-aṅgada-do-ratna-kambu-kaṅkaṇa-pāṇayaḥ—bearing the emblem of the goddess of fortune on Their chests, armlets on Their arms, the Kaustubha gem on Their necks, which were marked with three lines like a conchshell, and bracelets on Their hands    SB 10.13.47-48
  dhana-ratna-maṇi—wealth and riches    Adi 9.28
  mahā-ratna-prāya—like the most valuable jewels    Madhya 9.309
  phaṇā-ratna jvale—the jewels on the hoods blaze.    Madhya 18.94
  prāpta-ratna—the achieved jewel    Antya 14.35
  ratna-bāṅdhā—constructed with jewels    Madhya 1.158
  ratna-cintāmaṇi—touchstone the basis of all metals    Madhya 8.294
  ratna-śūnyā—without the valuable jewel    Antya 11.97
  ratna-daṇḍam—with a handle of jewels    SB 1.10.17
  ratna-gaṇa—the valuable jewels    Madhya 4.193
  ratna-garbham—ocean.    SB 3.8.30
  ratna-hāra—pearl necklaces    Madhya 6.256
  ratna-jñāne—consideration as jewels    Madhya 18.106
  ratna-khacitāḥ—bedecked with jewels    Madhya 2.36
  ratna-khani—the jewel mine.    Madhya 14.160
  ratna-maṇḍapa—an altar made of gems    Adi 5.218-219
  ratna-mandire—in a small house of jewels    Antya 18.101
  ratna-mandire—in the house of jewels    Antya 18.103
  ratna-nikarān—heaps of jewels    SB 4.19.9
  ratna-ogha-śāta-kaumbha-ambara-āvṛtān—covered with jewels and cloth embroidered with gold.    SB 10.5.3
  ratna-oghān—various kinds of gems and valuable stones    SB 7.4.17
  ratna-pradīpāḥ—jewel lamps    SB 3.33.17
  ratna-rāśi—valuable jewels    Adi 7.126
  ratna-siṁha-āsane—on the throne of gems    Adi 5.218-219
  ratna-siṁhāsane—on a throne of gems.    Madhya 14.214
  ratna-sthalīṣu—in places bedecked with jewels and gems    SB 7.4.9-12
  ratna-sāra—the topmost jewel    Madhya 2.84
  ratna-uttama—the best of jewels (Kaustubha)    SB 8.20.32-33
  ratna-ābharaṇa—ornaments of jewels    Madhya 12.59
  ratna-ābharaṇa-bhūṣitā—decorated with ornaments of valuable jewels    SB 10.4.10-11
  ratna-ākara—the mine    Madhya 15.140
  ratna-ālaya—the source of all the gems    Madhya 21.120
  ratna-ālayatām—the quality of being an ocean containing valuable jewels    Madhya 8.1
  sarva-ratna—all sorts of jewels    SB 3.23.13
  strī-ratna—woman who is competent to become a wife of the Lord    SB 1.11.35
  strī-ratna—of the gopīs    Adi 4.116
  ācārya-ratna—of the name Ācāryaratna    Adi 13.54-55

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