Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rathe

  rathe—on the car    Madhya 13.69, Madhya 13.189, Madhya 14.50, Antya 4.143
  rathe—in a chariot    SB 4.26.15
  rathe—in the chariot    Madhya 9.99
  rathe—in the cars    Madhya 13.22
  rathe—under the cart    Antya 4.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rathe

  rathe cadi—riding on the car    Madhya 13.24, Madhya 13.26, Madhya 14.244
  ati-rathe—of the great general    SB 1.9.13
  gopi-manah-rathe—on the chariot of the minds of the gopis    Madhya 21.107
  sva-rathe—in His own car    Madhya 13.119