Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rathah

  rathaù—chariot    SB 1.15.21, SB 4.29.18-20, SB 8.11.16
  rathaù—the chariot    SB 3.29.20, SB 4.10.15
  rathaù—a chariot    SB 8.15.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rathah

  mahä-rathaù—a great fighter    SB 2.3.15, SB 9.9.26-27
  manaù-rathaù—his desire    SB 3.21.12, SB 4.9.44
  citra-rathaù—named Citraratha    SB 5.15.14-15
  citra-rathaù—Dhruva Mahäräja, whose chariot was very beautiful    SB 4.10.22
  mahä-rathaù—one who can fight alone against thousands    Bg 1.16-18
  mahä-rathaù—a greatly powerful fighter    SB 9.17.17
  mahä-rathaù—Bali Mahäräja, the great charioteer    SB 8.15.8-9
  mahä-rathaù—a great hero    SB 4.19.13
  mahä-rathaù—who could fight with many chariots    SB 4.10.8
  mahä-rathaù—the general who could fight alone with thousands of enemies    SB 1.17.28
  mahä-rathaù—the great general    SB 1.14.30
  mahä-rathäù—the great generals    Bg 2.35
  mahä-rathäù—great chariot fighters.    Bg 1.6
  mahä-rathäù—great heroes    SB 9.22.27-28
  manaù-rathaù—desirous.    SB 4.8.12
  manaù-rathaù—his mental aspiration    SB 5.1.22
  manaù-rathaù—created to be traversed by the chariot of the mind.    SB 9.18.49
  rüòha-rathäù—while riding on the bullock carts    SB 10.11.33
  sa-rathäù—with chariots    SB 8.10.37
  sauraù rathaù—the chariot of the sun-god    SB 5.21.12