Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ratha

  ratha—the car    Madhya 13.21, Madhya 13.27, Madhya 13.55, Madhya 13.99, Madhya 13.179, Madhya 13.189, Madhya 13.190, Madhya 13.193, Madhya 14.49, Madhya 14.51 (and more...)
  ratha—chariot    Bg 1.46, SB 1.9.37, SB 1.9.39, SB 8.11.26, Madhya 11.37
  ratha—charioteers    SB 1.16.11
  ratha—on chariots    SB 3.19.21
  ratha—on a chariot    SB 7.13.41
  ratha—by chariots    SB 9.10.20
  ratha—with chariots    SB 9.15.30
  ratha—the chariot    Madhya 11.54
  ratha—chariot car    Madhya 13.19
  ratha—car    Madhya 13.193
  ratha—chariots    Madhya 15.269

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ratha

  ratha-yäträ—the car festival    Madhya 1.47, Madhya 1.134, Madhya 1.136, Madhya 1.143, Madhya 12.71, Madhya 12.220, Madhya 16.54, Antya 7.79
  ratha-agre—in front of the car    Madhya 1.134, Madhya 16.49, Antya 4.106
  manaù-ratha—desires    Madhya 1.206, Madhya 8.73
  ratha-yäträya—in the car festival    Madhya 1.54, Madhya 13.3
  ratha-äge—in front of the chariot    Antya 10.105, Antya 12.61
  bhagavat-ratha-aìgam—the disc appearing from the wheel of the Lord’s chariot    SB 9.4.50
  çré-ratha-agre—in the front of the car    Madhya 13.1
  éçvara-ratha-caraëa-paribhramaëa-rayeëa—by the force of the rotation of the time agent of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which is compared to the wheel of His chariot    SB 5.8.9
  jagannätha ratha-yäträya—on the occasion of the car festival of Lord Jagannätha    Antya 4.11
  mahä-ratha—great generals    SB 1.8.24
  manaù-ratha—by desires, which are like mental chariots    SB 5.8.26
  manaù-ratha-latä—the creeper of growing love    Antya 1.151
  patra-ratha-indra—of Garuòa (king of birds)    SB 3.21.34
  priyavrata-ratha-caraëa-parikhätaiù—by the ditches made by the wheels of the chariot used by Priyavrata Mahäräja while circumambulating Sumeru behind the sun    SB 5.16.2
  ratha chäòi dila—gave up the attempt    Madhya 14.48
  ratha cäläite—to make the car move    Madhya 14.50
  ratha dekhi—after witnessing the Ratha-yäträ festival    Antya 4.155
  ratha dekhi—seeing the Ratha-yäträ festival    Madhya 16.86
  ratha öäne—pull the car    Madhya 14.47
  ratha öäne—trying to pull the car    Madhya 14.52
  ratha-agre—the front of the ratha, or chariot    Antya 1.72
  ratha-agrete—in front of the car    Madhya 13.206
  ratha-aìga—the wheel of a chariot    SB 2.2.8
  ratha-aìga—a disc like the wheel of a chariot    Madhya 24.156
  ratha-aìga—and by the wheels of the chariots    SB 8.10.38
  ratha-aìga-päëau—the representative of the Lord    SB 1.18.43
  ratha-aìga-päëeù—of Lord Kåñëa, who bears in His hand the wheel of a chariot    SB 1.3.38
  ratha-calana-samaya—at the time of drawing the car    Madhya 14.47
  ratha-caraëaù—the wheel of the chariot    Madhya 16.145
  ratha-çataiù—by hundreds of chariots    SB 10.1.30
  ratha-cäkäya—under the wheel of the cart    Antya 4.11
  ratha-dhvani—the rattling sound of chariots    Madhya 13.128
  ratha-kächi—the rope of the car    Madhya 14.54
  ratha-maëòala—chain of chariots    SB 1.15.15
  ratha-néòaù—the interior of the chariot    SB 5.21.15
  ratha-nirhrädäù—sounds like those of rattling chariots    SB 3.17.8
  ratha-patténäm—of fighters on chariots or on the ground    SB 8.10.7
  ratha-päche—to the rear of the car    Madhya 13.189
  ratha-sthaù—from the chariot    SB 1.9.37
  ratha-sthaù—who was on the chariot (Lord Kåñëa)    Madhya 16.145
  ratha-sthäm—who was seated on the chariot    SB 9.23.35-36
  ratha-véthéù—the paths for the chariot to pass    SB 4.15.20
  ratha-yütha-pänäm—all the charioteers    SB 1.15.15
  ratha-yüthapänäm—amongst the great chariot warriors    SB 3.1.38
  ratha-yäträ—the Ratha-yäträ festival    Madhya 16.8
  ratha-yäträ daraçana—visiting the car festival of Lord Jagannätha.    Antya 4.105
  ratha-yäträ dekhi—after seeing the Ratha-yäträ festival    Antya 4.141
  ratha-yäträ dekhibäre—to see the car festival of Lord Jagannätha.    Antya 7.58
  ratha-yäträ haite—than the car festival    Madhya 14.111
  ratha-yäträ-chala—an excuse to enjoy the car festival    Madhya 14.120
  ratha-yäträ-dine—on the day of the car festival    Antya 7.72
  ratha-yäträ-dine—on the day of the car festival ceremony    Madhya 11.54
  ratha-yäträ-käla—the time for Ratha-yäträ festival    Madhya 16.48
  ratha-yäträ-käle—during the time of the car festival.    Madhya 1.235
  ratha-yäträya—during the function of Ratha-yäträ    Antya 1.72
  ratha-yäträya—during the Ratha-yäträ performance    Antya 6.244
  ratha-ädi—opulences like chariots and other things    Adi 5.34
  ratha-äge—in front of the Jagannätha Ratha    Madhya 25.252
  ratha-ärüòhasya—of the Supreme Lord, who was placed aboard the car    Madhya 13.207
  ravi-ratha-cakram—the wheel of the chariot of the sun-god    SB 5.21.13
  ravi-ratha-yugaù—the yoke for the horses    SB 5.21.15
  sa-ratha—with his chariot    SB 8.11.24
  tat-ratha—of his chariot    SB 5.1.31