Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rase

  rase—in the rasa dance    Antya 15.30, Antya 15.84, Antya 17.33, Antya 20.127
  rase—in the nectar    SB 5.1.5
  rase—in the tongue    SB 8.20.25-29
  rase—by the taste    Adi 4.246
  rase—with the juice    Adi 17.85
  rase—by the mellow    Adi 17.301
  rase—the different types of mellows    Madhya 21.111
  rase—in the transcendental mellow    Antya 14.20
  rase—while dancing in the rasa dance with the gopis.    Madhya 20.167
  rase—at the time of the rasa dance    Antya 10.7

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rase

  santa-rase—in the mellow of neutrality    Madhya 19.219, Madhya 23.54
  bhakti-rase—with the mellow of devotional service    Adi 3.32
  bhakti-rase—in the transcendental mellow of devotional service    Antya 4.49
  santa-dasya-rase—in the transcendental mellows of neutrality and servitude    Madhya 19.195
  santa-rase—on the stage of santa-rasa, or neutrality    Madhya 19.211
  ei rase magna—merged in this mellow    Madhya 14.74
  hasya-rase—jokingly    Madhya 3.88
  kupa-rase—in the well of nectar (created by the great mystic Maya)    SB 7.10.59
  krsna-bhakti-rase—in mellows derived from devotional service to Krsna    Madhya 19.183-184
  krsna-katha-rase—in the mellows of discussing topics about Krsna    Madhya 8.260
  krsna-katha-rase—enjoying the transcendental mellow of discussing Lord Krsna's pastimes    Madhya 9.86
  krsna-rase—a taste of the lotus feet of Lord Krsna    Madhya 22.41
  lila-rase—the transcendental mellow of the pastimes.    Adi 17.234
  madhura-rase—in the mellow of conjugal love    Madhya 19.191
  madhura-rase—on the platform of conjugal love    Madhya 19.231
  prati-rase—in each mellow    Madhya 8.86
  prema-rase—in the mellows of love of God    Adi 17.102
  prema-rase—with ecstatic love of Krsna.    Madhya 1.24
  prema-rase—by the ecstasy and mellows of loving affairs    Madhya 13.151
  ye-rase—in a particular mellow    Madhya 23.46