Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: range

  raṅge—in great jubilation.    Antya 10.43, Antya 11.71
  raṅge—colorful pastimes.    Adi 3.28
  raṅge—in great pleasure.    Adi 7.4
  raṅge—in transcendental bliss.    Adi 13.38
  raṅge—performing    Adi 13.99
  raṅge—in a happy mood.    Adi 13.110
  raṅge—in curiosity.    Adi 14.9
  raṅge—jokes.    Adi 16.7
  raṅge—in great ecstasy    Madhya 3.132
  raṅge—in pleasure.    Madhya 5.7
  raṅge—in jubilation    Madhya 9.169
  raṅge—in great amusement.    Madhya 13.191
  raṅge—with pleasure.    Madhya 14.253
  raṅge—in great curiosity.    Madhya 17.35
  raṅge—such pastimes    Madhya 21.108
  raṅge—in enjoyment.    Antya 4.35
  raṅge—in the jubilation.    Antya 16.104
  raṅge—in the matter.    Antya 17.4
  raṅge—the sporting mood    Antya 18.84
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-raṅge—in the pleasure of discussing topics about Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 8.298, Antya 1.213
  apūrva-raṅge—with great wonder.    Madhya 17.41
  bahu-raṅge—in many ways.    Madhya 3.95
  bahu-raṅge—with great pleasure.    Madhya 11.15
  bahu-raṅge—in great jubilation.    Madhya 11.126
  bhojana-raṅge—in the enjoyment of eating.    Antya 6.75
  calilāṅa raṅge—I started with great pleasure    Madhya 17.73
  ei-raṅge—in this amusement    Madhya 18.74
  haṭha-raṅge—in the clutches of thieves and rogues    Madhya 7.16
  herā-pañcamīra raṅge—performance of the festival known as Herā-pañcamī.    Madhya 14.114
  kailā bahu-raṅge—performed in great jubilation.    Madhya 18.53
  kata raṅge—in many ways.    Adi 5.220
  kīrtana-raṅge—saṅkīrtana in great pleasure.    Madhya 11.241
  krīḍā-raṅge—taking pleasure in different pastimes.    Madhya 8.189
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-raṅge—in great pleasure discussing Lord Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 7.90
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-raṅge—in the joy of talking about Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 8.241
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-raṅge—in transcendental pleasure by discussing talks of Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 8.292
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-raṅge—engaged in discussions of topics concerning Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 10.130
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-raṅge—in the happiness of discussing topics about Kṛṣṇa.    Antya 10.133
  kṛṣṇa-prema-raṅge—overwhelmed by the ecstatic love of Lord Kṛṣṇa.    Antya 9.4
  lekha-raṅge—in the matter of writing    Adi 8.1
  mahā-raṅge—with great delight.    Madhya 1.238
  mahā-raṅge—in great jubilation    Madhya 5.138
  mahā-raṅge—in great pleasure    Madhya 5.139
  mahā-raṅge—with great enthusiasm.    Madhya 10.29
  mahā-raṅge—with great pleasure.    Madhya 15.16
  mahā-raṅge—in a great sporting attitude    Antya 18.81
  nṛtya-gīta-raṅge—in the matter of chanting and dancing.    Madhya 1.23
  nṛtya-gīta-raṅge—chanting and dancing with great pleasure.    Madhya 15.4
  nṛtya-raṅge—dancing in great pleasure    Madhya 13.68
  nānā raṅge—in great jubilation    Madhya 12.71
  nānā-kathā-raṅge—in the happiness of discussing various subject matters    Antya 4.104
  nānā-raṅge—in different ways.    Adi 10.122
  nānā-raṅge—in great jubilation    Madhya 14.241
  nānā-raṅge—various pleasing activities.    Madhya 25.223
  nānā-raṅge—in varieties of transcendental pleasure.    Antya 6.3
  rāsa-raṅge—His rāsa dance.    Madhya 18.9
  saṅkīrtana-raṅge—in the matter of congregational chanting.    Madhya 3.201
  saṅkīrtana-raṅge—in the course of His saṅkīrtana movement.    Madhya 12.69
  sei raṅge—in those pastimes.    Antya 18.32
  sei raṅge—that pastime.    Antya 18.82
  upajila raṅge—has awakened the propensity.    Antya 2.94

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