Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ramhasa

  ramhasa—with great force    SB 5.17.9, SB 8.11.14, Antya 1.155
  ramhasa—by great force    SB 1.4.16
  ramhasa—progress.    SB 1.5.18
  ramhasa—with great velocity    SB 1.15.29
  ramhasa—by the force of    SB 4.22.26
  ramhasa—swiftly    SB 5.14.29
  ramhasa—whose force    SB 5.23.2
  ramhasa—due to the intolerable force    SB 7.8.33
  ramhasa—forceful    SB 10.6.12
  ramhasa—by potency    Madhya 24.21
  ramhasa—having force.    Madhya 24.169

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ramhasa

  asanga-ramhasa—with the power of Lord Siva that cannot be opposed    SB 4.5.5