Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rame

  rame—I enjoy    Madhya 9.32
  rame—enjoy    Madhya 24.13
  rame—who enjoys    Madhya 24.187
  rame—takes pleasure in devotional service    Madhya 24.286
  rāme—because of Lord Rāmacandra’s being present    SB 9.10.51
  rāme—during the rule of Lord Rāmacandra    SB 9.10.53
  rāme—when Lord Paraśurāma    SB 9.16.10
  rāme—in the holy name of Rāma    Madhya 9.32
  manaḥ-rame—most beautiful    Madhya 9.32
  yei rame—one who is satisfied by speculation    Madhya 24.165
  yei rame—anyone who endeavors    Madhya 24.174
  yei rame—one who takes pleasure    Madhya 24.200

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