Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rama

  rama—Rama    Madhya 9.29, Madhya 9.32, Madhya 25.64
  rama—the goddess of fortune    SB 4.25.28, SB 5.18.17, SB 8.8.23, Madhya 17.210
  rama—Balarama    SB 1.3.23, SB 1.14.32-33, Adi 5.156, Adi 17.318
  rama—Lord Ramacandra    SB 9.10.2, Madhya 9.315, Antya 1.29
  rama—O Parasurama    SB 9.16.13
  rama—known as Rama    SB 8.8.8
  rama—of Lord Ramacandra    Adi 17.69
  rama—of the name Rama    Adi 17.122
  rama—Lord Rama    Madhya 7.96
  rama—O Rama    Madhya 9.13
  rama—Lord Sri Ramacandra    Madhya 9.35
  rama—of Ramacandra    Madhya 9.206
  rama—my Lord Rama    Antya 3.56
  rama—the holy name of the Lord    Antya 3.58

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: rama

  rama-raya—Ramananda Raya.    Madhya 8.53, Antya 6.9, Antya 9.122, Antya 15.69, Antya 16.139
  rama-nama—the holy name of Lord Rama    Madhya 9.35, Antya 3.256, Antya 3.257, Antya 13.93
  rama-dasa—Ramadasa    Adi 5.161, Madhya 9.16, Madhya 15.43
  rama-dasa—of the name Ramadasa    Adi 11.16, Madhya 1.113, Madhya 1.118
  rama-nama—the holy name of Lord Ramacandra    Madhya 9.19, Madhya 9.24, Madhya 9.27
  sri-rama pandita—Srirama Pandita    Madhya 10.83, Madhya 13.39
  ha rama ha rama—O Lord Rama, O Lord Rama    Antya 3.53, Antya 3.53
  ha rama ha rama—O Lord Ramacandra, O Lord Ramacandra    Antya 3.54, Antya 3.54
  rama rama—my dear son Parasurama    SB 9.15.38, SB 9.15.38
  rama rama—the holy names Rama Rama    Madhya 9.19, Madhya 9.19
  rama-krsna-carana—of the lotus feet of Lord Krsna and Balarama    Madhya 18.34, Antya 14.86
  svarupa-rama-raya—Svarupa Damodara and Ramananda Raya    Antya 15.24, Antya 20.20
  svarupa-rama-raya—Svarupa Damodara Gosvami and Ramananda Raya    Antya 16.150, Antya 19.54
  sri-rama—Balarama    Madhya 2.53
  sri-rama—the Deity of Ramacandra    Madhya 9.224
  sri-rama pandita—of the name Sri Rama Pandita    Adi 10.8
  sri-rama-kinkara—the servant of Sri Rama    Madhya 15.156
  sri-rama-laksmana—the Deity of Lord Rama and Laksmana    Madhya 9.220
  sri-rama-laksmana—Lord Ramacandra and Laksmana    Madhya 9.222
  sri-rama-navami—the birthday ceremony of Lord Ramacandra    Madhya 24.341
  he rama—my dear son Balarama    SB 10.11.16
  ha rama—O Rama, O Rama    SB 9.16.14
  kaila sri-rama darasana—visited the temple of Ramacandra    Madhya 9.65
  krsna rama hari—the holy names of the Lord, namely Krsna, Rama and Hari    Madhya 9.61
  krsna-rama-katham—narration of incidents in connection with Bhagavan Krsna and Rama    SB 10.11.58
  minaketana rama-dasa—of the name Minaketana Ramadasa.    Adi 11.53
  nityananda-rama—Lord Nityananda or Balarama.    Adi 5.91
  nityananda-rama—Lord Nityananda Balarama.    Adi 5.181
  nityananda-rama—to Lord Balarama, who appeared as Nityananda    Adi 5.200
  rama-patim—unto the Lord, the husband of the goddess of fortune    SB 8.17.7
  rama-asrayah—the Personality of Godhead.    SB 1.12.23
  rama-adika—beginning with the goddess of fortune    Antya 17.40
  rama-akridam—the place of pastimes for the goddess of fortune    SB 10.5.18
  rama iti—He will also be called Rama    SB 10.2.13
  rama-abhidha—of the name Rama    Madhya 8.1
  rama-anujah—Lord Balarama's younger brother (Krsna)    Antya 15.51
  rama-avatara—incarnation of Lord Ramacandra.    Madhya 9.314
  rama-bhakta—devotee of Lord Ramacandra    Madhya 9.179
  rama-caranau—the lotus feet of Lord Ramacandra    SB 9.11.15
  rama-caritam—the narration concerning the activities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Ramacandra    SB 9.11.23
  rama-sayakaih—by the arrows of Lord Ramacandra    SB 7.10.37
  rama-dasa—Sri Ramadasa.    Adi 5.169
  rama-dasa—the eternal servant of Lord Ramacandra    Adi 17.69
  rama-dase—to the brahmana Ramadasa    Madhya 1.119
  rama-dasera—of the saint Ramadasa    Adi 5.174
  rama-japi—chanters of the name of Lord Rama    Madhya 1.112
  rama-kesavau—both Balarama and Krsna    SB 10.8.21
  rama-kuthara—by the axe of Lord Parasurama    SB 9.15.32
  rama-krsna—Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama    Adi 17.17
  rama-krsnayoh—of Balarama and Krsna, the Supreme Personalities of Godhead.    SB 10.11.22
  rama-laksmana—Ramacandra and Laksmana    Adi 5.153
  rama-madhavayoh—of Krsna and Balarama    SB 10.11.36
  rama-matra—by the mother of Lord Parasurama    SB 9.16.12
  rama-nama—the holy name of Rama    Madhya 9.32
  rama-nama-grahana—chanting the holy name of Lord Ramacandra    Madhya 9.26
  rama-pujitah—because of being worshiped by Lord Parasurama.    SB 9.16.24
  rama-raya—Srila Ramananda Raya    Madhya 8.16
  rama-raya—and Ramananda Raya.    Madhya 8.295
  rama-raye—Ramananda Raya    Antya 9.138
  rama-upasaka saba—all worshipers of Lord Sri Ramacandra    Madhya 9.11
  rama-virya-parabhutah—defeated by the superior power of Lord Parasurama    SB 9.16.9
  rama-viryam—the prowess of Lord Rama    SB 7.1.45
  rama-vikramaih—by the extraordinary strength of Lord Ramacandra.    SB 7.10.36
  rama-adayah—headed by Balarama    SB 10.11.53
  rama-adayah arbhakah—all the other boys, headed by Balarama    SB 10.11.49
  rama-adi—the incarnation of Lord Rama, etc.    Adi 5.155
  rama-adyah—Balarama and others    SB 10.8.32
  rama-akara—in the form of Balarama.    Adi 17.118
  sei nityananda-rama—that person is known as Balarama or Nityananda.    Adi 5.48
  sei rama—that goddess of fortune    Madhya 21.116
  sita-rama—of Lord Ramacandra and mother Sita    SB 7.14.30-33
  svarupa-rama-raya—My dear Svarupa Damodara and Ramananda Raya    Madhya 2.41
  svarupa-rama-raya—My dear Svarupa Damodara Gosvami and Ramananda Raya    Antya 20.8
  vraja-rama—all the gopis in Vrndavana    Madhya 8.183-184
  atma-rama-gurubhih—by those who are self-satisfied and who are considered to be spiritual masters of the world    SB 8.7.33